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We take on projects of various size, from small projects to roll-outs in multiple countries. The methodology we follow to provide our service is a hands-on, personal approach.

  • Where software development is concerned, we focus on the following fields:
    •      Windows based systems
    •      Web based (Intranet/Extranet) Systems
    •      Web site design and hosting
    •      Databases
  • Windows Based Systems We have developed many systems in the past for the Windows platform. Included in these systems are:
    •      Factory Management Systems
    •      Cell Phone Systems
    •      Data Distribution Systems
    •      Data Management Systems
    •      Communication Systems
    •      Medical Management Systemsems
    •      Car Sales Systems
    •      Accounting Systems
    •      Point of Sales Systems
    •      Education Industry Systems.
    Our Windows developments are usually connected to databases, but in some cases, due to distribution restrictions, XML and other mechanisms as data containers were used. Our choice in development platform is VB .Net, even though we do, from time to time develop in other languages such as Visual Basic and Delphi.
  • Web Based Systems We refer here not to web sites, but rather to systems that contains browser based clients. We have developed systems in a wide range of languages, such as ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, .NET and ISAPI and have an excellent understanding of the mechanism of such environment. All our web-based developments are database driven. Our web based systems are custom developed to our client's satifaction on terms which may range from contractual once off developments to shared IP where subscription revenue is shared and no initial capital layout is incurred by our clients.
  • Databases We have experience integrating systems into a number of database server software such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and MSAccess.